Marketing for a major international manufacturer representing over 6 brands and multiple private label accounts.

  • Comprehend and facilitate execution of the board’s short term and long term vision for the corporation with regard to domestic and international marketing.
  • Create, communicate, and oversee execution of the marketing plan for all brands and the corporate marketing strategy to the board, senior management, sales managers and other employees.
  • Position corporation name to take advantage of brand awareness including corporate message through signage, stationery, websites, tradeshows, etc.
  • Revitalize and transform primary brand, other corporate brands and private label accounts as needed, including redesign of logo, catalogs, packaging, websites, tradeshow booths, point of purchase displays, advertising, and promotion programs and materials.
  • Promote category leadership by instigating and developing an electronic point of purchase display to be used as a sales tool and communication device.
  • Manage domestic and international trademark portfolios
  • Oversee research and development, new product development and quality control
  • Manage analysis and research related to brand awareness, demographics, and competition within, and across, channels.
  • Participate in sales presentations with major retailers, board report and annual report writing and production as well as sales training presentations and employee communication.
  • Sales improved over budget.
  • Website rankings #1 on 3 major search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo)
  • Average market share improved over 30%

Relationship building and fundraising for the world’s largest, private non-profit biomedical research facility.

  • Promote the outstanding research scientists and their work to the community. Efforts continually focused on connections, introductions, persuasion, marketing, brand promotion, information, research, community education, networking and developing a long-range plan.
  • Generate a pool of potential benefactors for the research facility by creating and directing intimate educational and social gatherings featuring leading researchers presenting to community members.
  • Initiate several symposiums and educational series of events (involving business leaders, and community builders).
  • Created, initiated, and executed the Intitute’s first ever Nobel Laureate dinner (5 nobel laureates attending along with celebrities and local philanthropists).
  • Nurture marketing connections resulted in over 400 people being introduced to the Institute, many of whom had the potential to give generous gifts and become substantial benefactors.

Investigating, reporting, problem solving and public relations for County Government Civil Sentinel Body.

  • Manage citizens panel responsible for reviewing and evaluating procedures, methods, and systems utilized by local government to determine ways they might be made more efficient and effective.
  • Direct citizens panel responsible for investigating and reporting on operations, accounts, and records of local county agencies, officers, departments and functions.
  • Lead citizens panel responsible for submitting a final report of findings and recommendations.
  • Spokesperson for all radio, television, and community group interviews and reports on the government body’s findings interfacing with citizens, judges, public officials, public agency directors, and the media.

Multidisciplinary Community Building and Program Development for a Consortium of Rural School Districts.

  • Write grants and serve as director of a five school district consortium.
  • Develop, promote, and advocate for a district-wide Enrichment program (including volunteer generation and technology development) supported through grant and levy funding. Tasks include: course and catalog creation, hiring and managing personnel, public relations, and budget management.
  • Facilitate, present and instruct community building, training, and informational sessions before large and diverse community groups, school boards, teachers, and students.

Fundraising, board leadership, membership building for multiple non-profit community agencies (arts, health, public television, public schools, etc.).

  • Create, organize, plan and implement a wide variety of special events for non-profit community agencies (arts, health, public television, public schools, etc.)
  • Grant maker and grant writer.
  • Manage strategic planning and public relations responsiblities related to a variety of events and fundraising activities (including promoting programs to pass levies and bonds).
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